Ferme de la Fromagerie

The "Ferme de la Fromagerie" appears in the well-known painting "The Gleaners"
by Jean-François Millet, master of the Barbizon school of painting.
Parts of the farm were built in the 15th century and today the building houses the Father
Christmas Museum and the Médiamusée. Here antique sound and picture equipment is exhibited.

The building of tithe barn allows us to date the farm around 1440.
The stables, the cowshed and small housings were built in 1539 under Louis Fouquet,
Minister of Finance in Melun (Nicolas Fouquet's ancestor who was the Chief Minister of Finance
of the king Louis XIV and lord of the château of Vaux-le-Vicomte).

"The yard of tithes" will become the meeting point of hunting. Antoine de Delion, postmaster,
one of the owners used to breed stage-coach horses. Sheep were also bred here.
Jean-François Millet and his Barbizon contemporaries have immortalized the farm
as well as the four hundred-headed herd of sheep.

At the beginning of the 20th century the farm became an important farming estate
with hundreds of hectares of land and a sugarbeet distillery.
The distillery employed a large number of villagers until it closed in 1939.
The distillery was powered by steam-engine which also supplied electricity to the farm,
while the rest of the village was lit up with gas lighting...